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  • ms_b-300x225Dellos Dance and Performing Arts Studios are heading into their 40th year in the dance school business. “When I was 30 I figured I had another good 10 years in the business. When I turned 40 I expressed retiring at 45. When my 50th birthday flew by, I seemingly forgot my plans of retirement and now I have passed my 60th! I have no plans for ever retiring and this year I look forward to celebrating the 40 years that Dellos has serviced our community!” smiles proud studio owner, Bobbi Dellos.

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  • Juliet, 4 months old, sports her new Dellos-logo wear like her older sisters, Delilah 5 yrs old and Scarlet 4yrs old, at last weekend's competition. In just 3 years she will be dancing on stage, too! #dellosdance (2 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

    "Lil B" Dilly at just 26 months already takes 3- hours of dance weekly at Dellos! #dellosdance ... See MoreSee Less

    Beautiful Dolls at Hall of Fame: Congrats to "Beautiful Dolls"- High Gold and ranked 4th place overall! #dellosdance ... See MoreSee Less

    Tell us what you think about the third article in our "Life Lessons Learned at Dellos" series written by Bobbi Dellos.

    Carly, aka "Miss Willy" Willard, started dancing at The Dellos Dance Connection in Chino at the age of 13. She is a first year graduate student at Cal State University, San Bernardino, working on her Master of Science degree in Counseling and Guidance. Her parents paid for her Bachelor's degree but she is paying for her Master's schooling entirely on her own! Miss Carly's dream career is to be an Elementary school counselor, being an advocate for children who don't know where to go when they are scared, dealing with bad situations at home, or when parents fail to meet their needs. She wants to be that person who is there for students who get lost in their academic journey or in life itself.

    "I have always loved both dancing and children so working with them through teaching dance has been an absolute dream-come-true for me. I've had the opportunity of watching my students grow into beautiful people as well as amazing dancers. When I am with children, I feel it's where I am meant to be because I'm in my element and it feels so natural. Working with youth through the Dellos community has helped me balance my own life. I've learned to see the world through the eyes of my students because they live in a world of such innocence and I feel a huge responsibility to them. I've realized that teachers, family and parents help to shape and mold children into who they are and have yet to become. Together, we help them gain confidence, self-esteem and good values as we guide with nurturing and love. So many of my dance students come from blessed and happy homes but what about those who don't?"

    Miss Carly believes that her students have molded and motivated her to be the best that she can be, and in return, she encourages the same from them. It was in her Dellos work environment that she realized working with children would become 'her life'. However, committing to her studies, students, company teams and choreography have been a challenge, spreading herself out too thin at times. " I always tell the parents of my students that keeping their children actively involved in extra-curricular activities will keep them much too busy to have time to get into trouble! Dancing always consumed so much of my time so transitioning
    into a rigorous college schedule was not a difficult change for me." Miss Carly admits that her personal life often takes the back burner as she is pulled in so many directions. Working on her Master's has allowed her to balance her life with going to school, teaching at the dance studio and substituting in elementary schools all while managing to find time to study. She has learned to be an excellent 'multi-tasker', using every available minute of her day in preparation for the next challenge. "Dancing most of my life has taught me excellent time- management skills, passion, dedication, discipline, respect, and to be a well-rounded individual. I am believer that those who stick with dance will become better college students because they will learn all of the same skills and traits that I did, which overall, will help them transition into college and prepare them for the real world!"
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    Here is the second article in our "Life Lessons Learned at Dellos" series written by Bobbi Dellos.

    Therese, aka "Miss Tee" Marfori, started her dance training at The Original Dellos in Walnut when she was just 4 years of age. She is now in her 4th year at Cal Poly Pomona where she is a Chemical Engineering Major with a Minor in Chemistry and Material Science Engineering. Her career goal is to work at a water treatment plant or work on her PHD to work on research for alternative and clean energy sources, such as fuel cells. That is, along with teaching dance on the side!

    Tee has found it challenging managing time between her studies and the time commitment to her studio competitive teams, teaching, privates and choreography. "Being a dance instructor is a huge responsibility. In addition to teaching, you need to be a good role model and someone they look up to or come to for help. Teachers influence a child's development as people, not just as dancers. I try my best to juggle being a full-time student and full-time dance teacher, but it's often not easy! As a child I had a wonderful experience at Dellos where I learned much more than just how to dance. I learned the true value of time-management, developed strong work-ethics and integrity, and have applied these skills in my life. Rather than being just a dance studio, Dellos has always been a place where I can enter my own little world, develop my art and momentarily put aside my worries or struggles. It really kept me from getting into trouble as most youngsters do when they don't have something positive that occupies their time.

    Keeping a detailed planner to remain organized, I always look forward to going to the studio with the opportunity to provide the same experience for my students that I had." Even though Miss Tee loved competing and performing on stage, she found a different love when transitioning from a dance student to a dance teacher. For her, it was more fulfilling to see her students improve and gain self-confidence as both dancers and young people. "You really don't see the values you learn from a dance studio until you're out of the competition scene. It's a totally different perspective as a teacher, and looking back my time spent at Dellos was beautiful and inspiring." Miss Tee enjoys sharing her experiences with her students and admits that they inspire her to want to learn more herself. She feels that she's still being taught something every day by her students. "Kids appreciate life and find joy in the simplest of things." Miss Tee feels that her time spent with youth has enhanced her college experience. "A
    lot of students fall into a sort of routine and find life mundane, but that's not been my experience! Since much of my time is dedicated to the studio, I must consistently have my priorities aligned so that I can excel in all areas." Miss Tee has become more ambitious about the simplest of life's blessings: being a great teacher, an excellent role model, an understanding friend, an appreciative daughter, and a loving sister. Wherever life may take her, Miss Tee will always keep her learned values and skills in her pocket. Her belief that hard work and determination has brought fulfillment to her life is her dance teacher testimony to that!
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