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ms_bDellos Dance and Performing Arts Studios are heading into their 40th year in the dance school business. “When I was 30 I figured I had another good 10 years in the business. When I turned 40 I expressed retiring at 45. When my 50th birthday flew by, I seemingly forgot my plans of retirement and now I have passed my 60th! I have no plans for ever retiring and this year I look forward to celebrating the 40 years that Dellos has serviced our community!” smiles proud studio owner, Bobbi Dellos.


The Power of Music and It's Therapeutic Ability to Help Ease the Incomparable Pain of Loss by Bobbi Dellos

As an adult who has experienced the loss of both parents, recollections of family vacations and celebrations, photos and memorabilia, smells, sounds, and even certain words or phrases continue to trigger my return to the unforgettable memories of their final days on earth. 'Healing after loss' is long-term, as our loved ones, whether they be human or our beloved pets, provide us with a reason and the emotional outlet to love and be loved. Their memory and absence leaves a huge void in our hearts and in our daily lives, seemingly forever.

As I slowly walked through my dance studio observing classes as I always do on a daily basis, I realized that I had become completely deaf and blind to the people and sounds around me. I kept replaying in my head the recent vivid and tragic death of my beloved pug, China Baby, who, just 16 hours earlier, was savagely tortured and killed by two loose German Shepherd neighborhood dogs. Ripped and torn to pieces, they pulled and squeezed her through the narrow 3" rungs of my protective wrought iron gate, my loved one never standing a chance. As the music blasted , I fell into a gentle rocking motion, whispering a mantra of sort into the ears of Punky, China's 4-year old daughter, who was fighting for her life. Numb to everything surrounding me, I hugged her tightly and kept praying that her severely debilitating injuries and disfigurement would not also take her life. What was a normal and typical morning of passing out doggie treats with the usual response of barks of joy and licks of love was to be forever changed. Could I find forgiveness of the other dogs' owners and be able to look again at the gate where I would lovingly greet my precious pug-family every morning and evening? The last words I had said to my pug family of four that morning before heading to the dance studio was, "I promise we'll
go for a long walk this evening..." Then I kissed each of them on their noses as I always did...

"Music Therapy" has clinical evidence of using music as an intervention to easing both emotional and physical pain. Music allows us to express our feelings and innermost thoughts while it enhances our memories and senses, its rhythmic patterns seemingly guiding us to a higher state of consciousness and a calmer state of mind. It's been proven that the power of music has the ability to lessen ones grief, shock and pain, as we slowly come to spiritually accept that which is and cannot be changed. I walked into a room of 8-10 year olds expressing themselves in a lyrical style of movement to a slow Sam Cook song. The instructor was explaining the motivation for their movement as she noted, "This is a song about loss...think of the sadness you would feel if your goldfish or dog died, and how you would inwardly or outwardly express or act out your sadness..." I became even more immersed in the melody of the song rather than in the words, as I vividly replayed the previous day's events and the untimely loss of my precious China Baby. The most tragic, traumatic and emotionally devastating experience of my life
made me feel like someone had literally ripped out my insides as well. As I fell into deep thought, the music was comforting and seemingly wrapped its arms around me tightly, like a warm hug of a friend.

Coping with sorrow, loss and anger is easier said than done but finding a quiet space to escape through music can allow us to make peace within our own hearts. Although it will be a long and difficult recovery for Punky, the constant reminder of how much she needs me during her own time of struggle has made me realize that I must make peace first with the unfortunate situation that occurred before making peace with my own personal loss. The therapeutic power of music saved me at a time when I felt like I was emotionally spiraling out of control. The loss of my precious China Baby made me realize that life goes on, but opening my heart to forgiveness is the ultimate beginning of my healing.

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