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ms_bDellos Dance and Performing Arts Studios are heading into their 40th year in the dance school business. “When I was 30 I figured I had another good 10 years in the business. When I turned 40 I expressed retiring at 45. When my 50th birthday flew by, I seemingly forgot my plans of retirement and now I have passed my 60th! I have no plans for ever retiring and this year I look forward to celebrating the 40 years that Dellos has serviced our community!” smiles proud studio owner, Bobbi Dellos.



Written by Bobbi Dellos of #dellosdance

Competition whether it be on the soccer, football or baseball field, on the basketball, tennis or volleyball court, or in an art, dance or music studio, has its obvious perks and dissapointments. With educators, coaches, choreographers, directors and organizations calling the shots, we find ourselves committing to an all-inclusive season or year of practices, games, competitions and travel, often requiring overnight stays and additional expense. Why do we jump on the bandwagon to be the first in line, to be critiqued, humiliated, compared to and shot down even when the over-the-top competitiveness becomes almost too unbearable to handle? Families with multiple siblings of different age groups and sexes require the complex coordination of drop-offs and pick-ups, fast-food drive-thrus, with the constant challenge of being in more than one place at the same time!
Competition of any kind is just that...the comparative result of one's performance, whether natural or acquired, to another of equal or similar skill and age. Muscle fatigue, emotional breakdowns, physical injuries and the juggling of multiple activities and schedules are often the result of poor time-management and over-commitment. The expression, "God doesn't give us more than we can handle" wasn't created for the over-zealous, young, high-achievers of today, who continue to add more and more to their plate! When a concerned parent at my dance studio says, "My 2nd grade daughter is having a difficult time managing her homework and 10-hours of dance weekly." My immediate response always is, "Have her grades dropped and is she missing homework assignments?" "Oh no...she's at the top of her academic class and is doing very well! But she's tired and doesn't have a lot of free time". Ask any parent whose children are engrossed and overly-committed in extra-curricular activities and you'll find that 90% of them not only excel scholastically, but are high-achievers, school leaders and positive peer role models! Why? Their inborn, natural, or learned competitive nature drives them to train vigorously and play hard, all while watching their back for others ready to take their spot!
The main role of good coaches, directors and mentors is identifying and exhibiting the physical characteristics and evidence of athletes and artists who have defied the odds and have risen above diversity and critical speculation. As parents, our role is to support, encourage and guide our youngsters into making the right choices, while not placing limitations on their dreams and personal expectations of themselves. The positive result of even our youngest who are kept so busy that they don't have time for the social media distractions of today, is that they will find junior high, high school, college, and higher education 'a breeze' in comparison to their accepted years of back-to-back schedules and deadlines. Our youth of today have multiple options, not only with on-campus clubs and organizations, but in competitive arenas in our communities who celebrate the good deeds and successes of our future leaders.

Consider yourself blessed when your child asks to fit in one more activity or an additional commitment that adds yet another conflict to a schedule that finally seemed to be working! In a blink, our children will be grown adults with children of their own, sharing similar challenges and choices that they are faced with today. My gut feeling it to 'let them try and fail, rather than not try at all', while expressing the importance of follow-through, teamwork and commitment. After all, some day these young talents will be leading our country, heading top companies and corporations, all while juggling the needs of their own families and employees. We need to just take a deep breath and take each day at a time. We can make anything happen if families, friends and communities work as a team in our youths' best interest. Anything is possible but don't we wish at times that days were longer than 24 hours so we could squeeze more in and get more done? Not!

For a tour of our state-of-the-art facility and class availability, call The Dellos Dance Connection Monday-Thursday and Saturday mornings @ 909-597-9370.

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