Dellos is more than just a dance studio…Dellos is a place where memories are made

ms_bDellos Dance and Performing Arts Studios are heading into their 40th year in the dance school business. “When I was 30 I figured I had another good 10 years in the business. When I turned 40 I expressed retiring at 45. When my 50th birthday flew by, I seemingly forgot my plans of retirement and now I have passed my 60th! I have no plans for ever retiring and this year I look forward to celebrating the 40 years that Dellos has serviced our community!” smiles proud studio owner, Bobbi Dellos.


scale150x204We are proud to announce that Dellos  has partnered with Scale. We will host a learning center at our Chino location. To learn more click here to download the flyer or visit their website at

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Our studios are located in Chino California, Walnut California and in Grover Beach California.


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