On-site professional Tricks, Gymnastics, Tumbling & Acrobatic Instruction!

Offered for all ages and levels, this on-going “Acro for Dancers” course will improve overall stretch and flexibility with concentration on complete full-body conditioning and core-strengthening. Training will increase back strength and upper body flexibility and will progress into the mastering of cartwheels, walkovers, aerials, front & back hand springs and impressive acrobatic-tricks that will enhance your group and solo performances and wow the judges!

An 10-year specialist with a Master’s Degree in Health and Fitness, Junior High School teacher, Vanessa Beltran, will bring her energetic and exciting “foundational and transitional tumbling, tricks and acrobatic floor-progressions” to our multi-genre Dellos Performing Arts program! Miss Vanessa is experienced in teaching Levels 1-8 to aspiring and competitive gymnasts, dancers and cheerleaders of all ages and is excited to bring her expertise to our Dellos students!

Definitions of Different Dance Genres

“Ballet”: A Classical dance form that creates the strong foundation for all other dance genres to develop. Dancers are encouraged to progress at their own pace in a disciplined and highly-structured environment. Concentration is on flexibility, balance, center-core strengthening and graceful carriage.

“Contemporary”: Contemporary is a fusion of many dance styles beginning with the basic fundamentals of ballet. Lyrical and jazz movements combined with hip-hop isolations create a most expressive, engaging and story-telling performance.

“Hip-Hop”/”Jazz-Funk”: Today’s contemporary ‘Pop Culture’ of funk, soul and urban music inspires movement incorporating isolated movement and overall body-strength. It demonstrates agility and the ability to move different parts of the body in an explosive and engaging performance. “Old School” includes ‘popping & locking’; “Breaking” involves floor spinning, balanced head and arm movements; “Contemporary-Funk” morphs hip-hop and lyrical movement into a captivating, story-telling performance.

“Jazz”: Numerous jazz-styles have become recognizable by their repeated use in old film and musicals. Jazz incorporates the use of jumps, kicks, turns, common musical-theatre combinations and flexibility movements performed to various styles of music.

“Pre-Dance”/ “Intro2Dance” (Pre-K; ages 2 ½ -4 years): An introduction to the differences and basic foundations of ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop and musical theatre. Child develops balance, coordination, self-awareness and self-confidence while simultaneously learning discipline and simple pre-school etiquette. Youngsters will develop rhythm while learning to ‘listen & count’ and fun exercises will introduce the importance of ‘stretch and limbering’ while exploring both the abilities and limitations of the body.

“Tap”: Known as “singing or drumming with the feet”, counting and rhythm combinations using different parts of the foot create melodic, percussive, auditory entertainment. Tap is most critical in developing rhythmic understanding and a better appreciation for all styles and genres of music.

“Private Lessons”: A one-on-one session with a teacher or choreographer of choice who will personalize the instruction specifically around the needs or special requests of the student. With a professional beside you, you will learn the proper technique, receive immediate feedback, progress at a faster rate and learn at your own pace at a time most convenient for you.

Private lessons are scheduled for 30-minutes ($35.00) or 60-minutes ($65), based on one or more individuals ($5.00 additional each person). Privates must be scheduled at the front desk and paid for in advance to confirm and schedule room and instructor availability on our Master calendar.

“Group Classes”: A group class is the best way to sample the varied styles and talents of our Dellos instructors while getting a feel a feel for our studio in a friendly, energetic, fun and non-competitive environment. Come equipped with the proper shoes and attire for each style of dance.

“Special Events or Requests”: Dellos Studios offer a variety of dance options for your special event. From wedding dances to dance-themed birthday parties, your event can be hosted by one of our professionals at your venue or ours! Dellos is here to help make your special day most memorable, exciting and stress-free!

Proper Dance Attire
Dellos Studios takes great pride in their multi-versatile instructors, well-managed facility and their comprehensive, well-rounded training program. In order to maintain a ‘professional appearance’ throughout the building at all times, student attire must also follow the loose guidelines below. Repeated failure to adhere to ‘appropriate suggested attire’ will result in the dancer being asked to ‘sit the class out’. Please understand that our instructors have a difficult time making corrections to a dancer’s body lines when they are not wearing body-fitting clothing. In addition, bright prints, baggy t-shirts, street-wear and improper footwear causes class distraction, potential injury and gives the classroom a ‘recreation-look’ atmosphere.

Appropriate ballet-class attire:
Enrolled students: Arrival no later than 5-minutes after the class has begun. A solid-color one-piece leotard w/solid color full-footed tight. Proper-fitting pink ballet shoes are a must. Hair is to be pulled back neatly off of the face in a high ponytail or bun. Bottled water. *Optional: Ballet skirt, leg-warmers, ballet sweater

Company students: Arrival no later than 5-minutes after the class has begun. One-piece solid black leotard w/pink, tan, white or black full-footed tights. Proper-fitting pink ballet, soft-shoe, pre-pointe or pointe shoes in good repair. NO boy-shorts, cut-off tights or bare feet! *Optional: Dance skirt, sweater, leg warmers. Bring small face towel & bottled water, notebook and pen. Hair pulled back off of the face neatly in a high ponytail or bun.

Jazz, Contemporary, Work-out, Pilates-Yoga & Tap classes:
Jazz shoes or paw-sandals mandatory, NO socks. Any style 2-piece tops and bottoms. Boy shorts must cover the cheeks. For hygienic reasons, cut-off mid-thigh-length tights are suggested, not required. NO t-shirts or tank tops not skin-tight to the body. NO skirts, street-wear or sweatshirts. NO bright prints or patterns, solid colors preferred! Bare-feet when permissible by instructor. Bring small face towel & bottle water.

Hip-Hop & Jazz-Funk classes:
A must: Loose jeans, sweats, harem parents or boy-shorts. NO dresses, skirts or tight-fitting clothing that inhibits movement. Tennis or rubber-soled shoes. Hair is to be worn back off of the face in a neat ponytail. Bring small face towel and bottled water.

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