Experience Matters

The Dellos Team is made up of experienced, talented and caring individuals. Our focus is on our students’ growth and development as dancers, performers and people.

Administrative Staff

  • Bobbi Dellos – “Miss B”
    Bobbi Dellos – “Miss B” Owner/Artistic Director
  • Dave Dellos – “Mr. D”
    Dave Dellos – “Mr. D” Co-Owner/Manager
  • Karen Durber – “Miss K”
    Karen Durber – “Miss K” Chino Office Manager

Creative Artistic Staff

  • Jessicas Dunn – “Miss Jessi”
    Jessicas Dunn – “Miss Jessi”
  • Delanie Barnes – “Miss Dibbs”
    Delanie Barnes – “Miss Dibbs”
  • Zoey Spalding – “Miss Zo-Zo”
    Zoey Spalding – “Miss Zo-Zo”
  • Summer Betancourt – “Miss Sunny”
    Summer Betancourt – “Miss Sunny”
  • destiny Ventura – “Miss Destiny”
    destiny Ventura – “Miss Destiny”
  • Alee Alvarado – “Miss Alee”
    Alee Alvarado – “Miss Alee”

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