How To Prepare As Dance Audition Season Approaches

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How To Prepare As Dance Audition Season Approaches

As youngsters try a myriad of activities that might include music, sports, dance and arts training,  there comes a time that choices must be made in order to devote the necessary time to further develop the advanced skills in a few diverse areas.  For a dancer, it means a strong concentration and well-rounded technique skills and understanding of various dance styles, supported by an athletic physique and competitive, hard-working and fearless character.

The word ‘audition’ typically causes the jitters and the fear of, “What if I don’t make the group I want?” The answer lies in both attitude and the dancer’s work-ethics both in and out of the dance studio.  For a dancer who was the strongest and at the top of their former class, being the ‘greenest’ or the youngest “Newbie” in a new class, can be startling.   It is best that the dancer remains training with their existing classmates while taking ‘push classes’ that challenge the dancer towards moving towards the next ‘up-level’.

During the Spring, Dellos instructors look for eager-to-learn dancers of all ages to audition for their 100-plus member award-winning dance company, with auditions to follow in early July.   As the Dellos founder of almost 45- years, I’m drawn towards the students who arrive early or stay after class, and those who exhibit passion, ambition, focus, drive and competitiveness.  During a serious dancer’s education, it’s important that they ask, “What can I do to improve? What are my corrections?” A move up the ladder at any level, whether it be at the entry level or the most advanced, demands maturity as the workload becomes more intense and competitive.  The resilient personality of the child and the trusting parental support and belief in their studios’ staff is a successful and long-term winning combination of a Dance Team Company member.


Be a sponge! Watch, absorb, retain, imitate, and become everything you admire about your instructors, friends and older dance mentors!  Become ambitious,  focused and fearless, as you climb the dance ladder to higher levels.  A dancer who merely shows up on ‘auto-pilot’ and just goes through the motions will quickly be replaced by someone who is eager-to-learn, who is more assertive, and who is anxious to be noticed! And while it may be tempting to mingle with classmates and make new friends, it is important to be focused and attentive to details and the corrections of other classmates.

Having respect and awareness of other dancers in class is important, but take some space for yourself too. Getting up to speed, will be a lot harder if the teacher can’t see you, so don’t be shy- Challenge yourself to compete against the best in the room until you feel brave enough to raise your hand to get noticed!  Excessive shyness telegraphs insecurity.  Ask questions, request private lessons to zero into specifics, and ask for a checklist of necessary skills required for Audition Day. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help with anything and everything.  Shadow an accomplished Student Teacher or ask to work with one of your favorite dancers after class and attempt to match her skills!

Dance auditions are no different than tryouts for any other competitive teams or groups. There will always be levels, selections, and teams chosen… it’s just a given part  life!  It’s somebody else’s opinion, somebody else’s choice, and we have to accept how somebody else views us. But it is what we do with that decision that can make all the difference in the world.   The outcome of an audition, whether it was what we were expecting, or less than expected, should project us to becoming the very best we can be in every instance!

If you are in a competition level with a wide age range, don’t make excuses for yourself by thinking, “I am not going to make it this year because I am the youngest,…” Instead, set a goal and say,  “I just want to make ‘any’ group…I would be happy being placed ‘anywhere’!”

Keep in mind that not reaching a goal doesn’t mean that you have failed. As long as you have worked hard you should feel good about yourself. Ultimately, it is not about just winning and making the team of your choice, but rather about your overall journey and growth as an individual.  Most importantly, you must go away from the experience knowing that you will become a personal ‘asset’ to the team as a whole.

As a studio owner, I must stress the importance of trust in your teachers and educators and most importantly, trust in yourself and in your audition effort.   Your dance teachers would not put you through something that we did not think you could handle and we would not place you where we didn’t think you belonged or where you wouldn’t be able to perform your best!  As your teachers and educators, our main goal is your success and making you be the very best dancer that you can be. Please trust that we know what is best for you.  As long as you’ve worked hard toward your goal, you should feel good about yourself because auditions are not about competitions and winning… Auditions are small, tiny steps towards your growth as an individual.  Auditions are time to display bravery, self-confidence and self-assurance and most importantly, team-commitment.  Don’t allow yourself to become intimidated by more advanced dancers, but rather, aspire to be more like them! Yet, ‘dare to be different’ as you will stand out among dozens-of-others and will become a respected, remembered and notable artist!

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