The Perfect Balance: Merging The Arts With Academic Home Schooling Right Here in Chino

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The Perfect Balance: Merging The Arts With Academic Home Schooling Right Here in Chino

There’s an Independent Study program happening right here in Chino that is geared towards merging the Arts and Music Worlds around a flexible academic schedule, allowing a one-stop-shop for dance- artists and musicians!   What could be more ideal than a family’s schedule that becomes less burdened as their children’s academic goals and challenges works around their competition season and competitive events?  Merging youngsters’ artistic, dance and musical interests, coupled with a cutting-edge, independent study, 21st Century public school vision, seems almost too good to be true!  But it is…read on!

SCALE Leadership Academy (SLA), is a  free independent study, public school, serving students in grades  K-12.  Their academic program offers a unique learning model and design with a program structure and curriculum that provides an environment where students can achieve high academic results.  Being a part of a home school allows the student the opportunity to focus on their academics along with in-depth coaching and training in their chosen areas of interest.  In addition to ones flexibility of schedule, completing class work and assignments is assisted with individual tutoring, hands-on instructor support, along with learning plans designed with specific goals for each student.  SCALE’S one-of-a-kind Visual and Performing Arts programs, led by Dan Silva, sets SCALE apart from other home schools in our community.

SCALE Leadership Academy’s learning facilities provide technology-based learning platforms, tech-based diagnostics, access to an online book library, Google Apps for Education, along  with personalized performance feedback.  One of the main perks of SCALE’S Chino location is their extensive music program.  “The Pop-Rock Band”, directed by Ryan Seward and Joseph Quintana, offers personal and group instruction in guitar, bass, piano, drums and voice.  SCALE’S dance, movement, rhythm, choreography & music-based Physical Fitness Program, “Groovin”, is offered by select, highly qualified Dellos Dance Inc. choreographers & professionals.  Individualized fitness, dance and music programs are available to suit and meet all needs at all age and entry levels, and are readily available in all genres.

SCALE Leadership Academy Mission: To enrich the lives of young individuals by providing a creative, challenging, and nurturing environment that offers all learners, through powerful learning experiences, preparation to excel in The Arts and higher education.  SCALE is an established K-12 Independent, non-classroom based public charter school that sets students on a path to success.  It is their aim to prepare students to perform at the top levels in their schools, colleges and beyond, as well as developing the motivation to succeed in all subjects, while embracing academic challenges.

SCALE’s academic program with highly qualified and credentialed mentors, provides a professional facility conducive to higher-level learning with an on-site teaching staff. One-on-one attention is designed to develop top scholar students who are committed to year-round academic excellence.

SCALE offers a Monday-Thursday class schedule with planned educational field trips and outings.  Academic school and The Arts training programs are held at The Dellos Dance Connection: 14830 Central Ave. Chino, CA 91790.

FREE “PERFORMING ARTS FAIR” OPEN HOUSE! Saturday, June 9th,  10:00 am-1:00 pm

Drop in for a tour of our facility and to view dancers and musicians of all ages performing throughout the building!
Meet the Directors of SCALE Leadership Academy and Dellos Dance Studios Inc, as youngsters strut-their-stuff for your enjoyment~

“8-week Unlimited-Classes Special!”:

July 9-August 31. Jazz, Hip-Hop, Musical Theater, Industry-Prep, Jazz-Funk, Lyrical, Contemporary, Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Tumbling.
Dellos Company Team July auditions: All levels 4-18 years. Call for a free evaluation!



For more information about SCALE Leadership Academy’s academic program or the Performing Arts Fair Open House, please contact:  (909) 597-6451


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