Trivia of the early 70’s…Who Remembers?

 In Dance, Ms. B

When I recently hit 65, I thought to myself, ‘how can I be that old when I still feel 40?’ Store windows are decorated with large, colorful daisies, flowers and peace signs, a reflection of a more care-free society of yesteryear motivated by love-ins and rock music, a true example of how life itself comes full-circle. The once simplistic life of the 70’s turned high-tech right before our eyes but we seem to be moving in the direction of re-grouping, re-organizing and overall, simplifying. Life in the early 70’s was simple, (coined ‘The Dream Era’) when happiness was merely sitting with a frozen Swanson TV dinner on a portable fold-out tray in front of a brand new color television, watching “The Monkees” sitcom on tv!

The comparison facts from 45-years ago, when Dellos Studios began, to today, are astounding and mind-boggling. We would all be multi-millionaires if we only knew then about what the state our world would be in today. Could we have changed what is? Probably not, but we may have been more aware of the significant differences that were taking place right before our eyes that have brought our economy and world to where it currently is today. The housing market alone is a crazy phenomenon in itself. When President Richard M. Nixon led our country in 1973 (at the start of “Tap ‘n Toe“ by Miss Bobbi), the average cost of a new home was $32,000 with an average annual income of $22,000. Monthly rent averaged $175 and a first-class stamp was just 8-cents! Other fun trivia-facts that the “Love Child Generation” might remember: a gallon of gas = 40-cents, a dozen eggs = 25-cents, a gallon of milk =28-cents! Toys released in 1973 that would live on in history was the Mattel “Barbie Doll” sold for just $1.94 and “Mr. Potato Head” sold for $1.99. The 70’s decade also brought the transistor radio, pogo stick, walkie-talkies, the lava lamp, and Kenner’s Easy-Bake Oven! And, at Dellos Studios, there were new dance-teachers in-the-making, that would positively influence and touch thousands of young lives in the 45 years to follow…

A Pre-Vet and Dance Major at Cal Poly, at the same time completing her Elementary Teaching Credential, it’s not surprising that Bobbi Dellos, a 21-year old female business owner in a world primarily run by men, opened a small one-room facility in a tiny strip center. She turned her artistic passion into creating a loving, passionate, encouraging and enriching environment for children of all ages and all walks of life. What Bobbi created as a whim 45-years ago, has turned into a life-long passion. She is known as “Grambi” to five grandsons, has two loving Pugs, Elsie and Little Joe, a Morkie, Jinglebelle, still stand-up paddles, drives a white Range Rover truck, has an antique 1930 Model A Ford Woody, and blasts rock music every chance she gets! “Music of the 70’s inspires me… A conglomeration of talented artists produced songs that will continue to affect youth and live on in history, just as I was inspired at a most crucial time in my life by their positive lyrics…I don’t think it is a coincidence, but rather a sign, that my two favorite songs of all time, “Dream On” by Aerosmith, and, “Imagine” by The Beatles, were both released in October of 1973, the very same month that I was opening my first dance studio doors, creating the ‘Dellos Legacy’, making my own mark in history!”

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