Local Dancer Stars in an Eight-City East Coast tour of “Wicked”!

Local Dancer Stars in an Eight-City East Coast tour of “Wicked”!

Dellos Studios have produced literally thousands of successful dancers, performers and specialty acts over their near-40-years in the dance studio business.  A walk through the “Hall of Fame” and “Staircase to New York” located in The Dellos Dance Connection, Dellos’ most recent facility serving The Chino Valley, allows the visitor to share the excitement of the professional world of dance!  The staircase features a comic artist’s rendition of New York City’s famed “Broadway”, sketched in black and white with the details of old vintage theatres and hidden-away Off-Broadway ‘Speak-easys’.  Colorful Broadway show marquis light up the night’s sky, representing the Dellos instructors and students who have left their footprints on the famed New York stages.  Dellos dancers have proudly represented their Southern California communities in shows from Las Vegas to New York, ‘living-out-their-dreams’ in front of excited audiences night after night, year after year.  They have been featured with The New York City Rockettes, at Carnegie Hall and on most stages on and off Times Square, becoming ‘Broadway veterans’ on Dellos’ Wall of Fame!   The newest marqui, “Wicked”, will represent first-time Broadway dancer/singer, petite, 5’2”, 23-year old Hayley Dorling, lovingly known as “Miss Hayley” to her dance students.  She auditioned among thousands of Broadway hopefuls last June for a spot in the cast and was surprised by a phone call in mid-December saying, “We would like to book you for the East Coast Touring Company of “Wicked”!”  Miss Hayley’s world of teaching dance and performing with two local contemporary dance companies while dancing in college went into a complete tailspin.  In a moment’s notice she would be flown to Florida to learn the entire “Wicked” show and would be on stage in full hair, make-up and costume in less than two-weeks time! 

Maintaining a very busy and exhausting schedule, Hayley performs the 2 ½ hour show eight times a week and has daily rehearsals with the producers.  She has her own makeup artist, wig stylist and costumer, who dress her in five different costumes for her multiple characters, a flying monkey (her favorite role!), the mob, Emerald City, School girl and an ‘Oz dust dress’!   I am going to surprise her at one of her performances in Orlando in a few weeks where I will be able to see her in the full-cast production!  Congrats to a beautiful and talented young woman who has worked diligently and trained hard for this incredible opportunity of a lifetime!   Hayley’s personal motto, “LIVE through your movement” has certainly come true in her life! For more information on classes visit www.Dellos dance.com  or call 909 597-9370 from 4-9pm.


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