Dellos Studios Celebrates Four Decades of Changing One Life At A Time

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It was on a whim that I opened my first dance studio in Rowland Heights in 1973, marking four decades this past October.  When we reflect on how quickly our own children grow up, we find ourselves using the expression, “Boy how time flies when you’re having a good time!”  The past 40 years at my dance studios have definitely molded me into the person I have become today by the influence and examples set by those surrounding me on a daily basis.  A terminally ill mother, coming off of a TV show contract and trying to complete my teaching credential while pursuing vet school, all led to the day I woke up and said to myself, “Today seems to be a good day to open a dance studio”…it’s still all a blur to me!  Loving animals and children alike, teaching dance seemed to be the right fix to help heal my heart while offering a respite to my intense college study.  Who would have guessed that something I chose to occupy the void in my life would be a career that would more than fill up my life?  My Mom passed when my daughter, Dove, was just three months of age so that time spent with her watching me create “Miss Bobbi’s School of Dance” are among my favorite memories.  I know she is proud of the artist and business woman who emerged from her repeated teachings, “Believe in yourself and others will believe in you, too”…I remember those words spoken so frequently every time I found myself facing an obstacle…Mom taught me to take a deep breath, carry myself proudly and to never lose sight of who I was.  Most importantly, she would say, “You don’t have to be like everyone else…people will love you for who you are if you love yourself first”.  We have all experienced time of doubt and uncertainty and it takes those around us to pick us up, brush us off and give us the strength to endure what we feel is the impossible at the time.  The ‘community’ of my dance studio has offered me not only a wealth of knowledge, but the love, support and acknowledgement that continues to confirm that I have slightly influenced and changed the world, one child at a time…

Forty years is a long time…I have evolved from an aspiring young artist of 21, to a loving wife and business owner, a “Grambi” of four precious Grandsons and have developed a teaching and management staff of over 35 incredibly talented people.  Multiple Dellos locations and thousands of students later, it brings me the same pleasure today, watching young people walk through my front doors for the first time, looking to fulfill their own dreams.  I look forward to the next chapter in my life as my supportive staff continues my Legacy and helps me to carry on what my Father had referred to as ‘a hobby’.  Teaching, inspiring and watching the individual growth of each student has become far more than a hobby, it’s become my life!

April 5th marks the celebration of Dellos’ 40th Production, to be held at the beautiful, historic San Gabriel Mission Playhouse where I performed with my own dance studio as a child.  The world has changed so much since the first time that huge, red velvet curtain rose to expose the applause of an over-packed auditorium.  But what hasn’t changed is the same sensation my own students will experience when given ‘their spotlight’… Little did I know that would be the same applause that I would be giving my staff and students four decades later.  BRAVO to all of you who have been a part of the Dellos journey …may you continue to follow your heart an pursue your dreams as I have mine!

Visit or call 909-597-9370 Chino, or 909-594-0228 Walnut for class information.  There’s still time to be a part of our April production!

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