Dellos Teaches More Than Just Dance: “We’re About Creating Confident, Well-Rounded Individuals”

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April 2013

Dellos Teaches More Than Just Dance: “We’re About Creating Confident,     Well-Rounded Individuals”

Dellos Studios is heading into their 40th year in the dance school business, and looking back on their students accomplishments as entrepreneurs, professionals and head of households, similar personality-threads seem to connect them, ‘Self-confidence and perseverance’.  Early on at Dellos, dancers quickly learn the positive results of hard work and how to professionally handle both fame and defeat.  “Life’s lessons”, as owner Bobbi Dellos calls them, “are actually experienced in the dance class.  Friendly competition and positive critiques encourage a child’s natural desire to improve and excel simply by watching and studying others.  By the time they graduate Dellos, their heightened self-confidence and well-roundedness not only as dancers but as young enthusiasts, prepares them to make-their-mark in the world”.

The month of March concentrated on “Team Building”, identifying the positive qualities of each dancer and how they contributed to their groups’ overall success.  The following “Who Am I?” poems express the youngsters’ ability to see themselves in the same positive manner that their peers view them.

Mandy “Manderz” Asuncion (age 10):  “I’m the girl who can only do three turns, who tries to get past her splits, who will always get up when she falls, who will work hard to improve, who will always stay determined, who doesn’t have the best flexibility, who wants to inspire people, and who wants to be ‘her’.  I am Mandy, and I am fearless”. 

 Victoria “Tori-Twister” Bender (age 11):  “My name is Twister and I’ve got two big sisters…I love to dance, especially in hammer pants!  I bust and move when I’m in the groove and my friends are cool because they’re not cruel.  We motivate to create and we are a team…and we are not mean”.

Rayanne “Sunny” Asuncion (age 12):  “I know who I am, I know where I’m from. I know the moon comes after the sun. I know what is right, I know what is wrong, I know that life is not very long.  So I make the most of my every day, every moment til the light fades away.  Days that are rough, days that are rotten, those days spent are the ones we’ve forgotten.  Don’t live your life laying in the dark, where the light never reaches and the love never sparks.  Step out of the shadows and make life your own, or the darkness will be your eternal home.  Find what is lost, make amends to the past, speak with kind words whose affects will long last.  All humans are connected by something internal, our lives are short but our spirits are eternal”.

Elena “Na-Na” Dahms (age 10): “I am who I am, and I’m glad who I am…I am beautiful…a beautiful dancer. I am flexible and strong and when I point my toes my legs look strong. At times I am shy and at times I am happy…I am who I am, a part of God’s plan.”

For class information and a tour of our Chino Valley facility call: 909) 597-9370 or leave a message.

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