Dellos Studios Teams Up With The Let It Be Foundation Offering Dance Scholarships To Deserving Community Dancers

 In Ms. B

In 2005, a young teen named Karla Asch-Rosen graced my life for a brief time as a Freshman member of the Chino Hills High School dance team and Dellos dancer.   She was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer on the day before her team’s first national competition and sadly her life was taken by the disease.  “The Dance of Hope” benefit show was created at her high school to be held annually in her honor as a yearly celebration of her life, raising funds through community support to help other sick children and their families.  The Let It Be Foundation’s mission is to keep home lives as ‘normal’ as possible during the emotional chaos of a child’s illness in the family.  In memory of Karla, Dellos Studios created the “KAR Artistic Dance Scholarship” in 2006 that included a one-year paid tuition-scholarship to a dance studio of the recipient’s choice.  Two young dancers have been selected each year by The Let It Be Foundation’s staff, to continue the Legacy of this prestigious award.  The Dellos Dance Connection of The Chino Valley was pleased to have received two KAR recipients for the 2013-2014 school year, Morgan Leone from Townsend, and Morgan Michalak from Chino Hills High School.

“Hi…my name is Morgan Michalak and I was one of the “KAR Artistic Dance Scholarship” recipients this year.  The role that dance plays in my life is that it is ‘truly my everything’.   Dance is my way of relieving stress, expressing myself, getting exercise, being disciplined, and my studio has been a place to make new friends.  Whenever I am stressed out about school, dance takes it all away, making me forget about everything and I just let go!  Dance is my passion and it’s what I do all day every day and every time I hear music it makes me want to move.  My long term college or career direction goals are to attend a strong academic college because I am big on getting a good education.  At this point I don’t know specifically my college of choice but I would love to teach dance on the side!


A year of rigorous, hard-core, professional dance training at Dellos Studios will assist me with my technique, as the more training one has the better teacher they will become. The more one practices, the better they get…just like the saying, ‘practice makes perfect!’  In addition to attending the required dance classes at Dellos, I am also a ‘Student Teacher In-Training’.  I also just made the Varsity dance team at Chino Hills High.  By student-teaching, I can teach and set by example what I have learned and what I have come to know about dance. By being on my school’s Varsity dance team it also shows my teammates my love for dance every time we compete or perform.

Carrying the title of the “KAR Artistic Dance Recipient” 2013-2014 will give me the opportunity to show my love for dance in Karla’s name in the same way that she did.  Karla was young and had a passion for dance and a good heart, and I believe those are the qualities that the two of us share.  I am incredibly honored to be able to dedicate my personal love of dance in her name.  I am a very hard worker and I will take as much away from this scholarship as I possibly can.  In addition, I have been dancing all of my life and times are sometimes tough for my parents to pay for two dancing daughters.  Thank you to Mr. D and Miss B Dellos for your generous contribution in offering The KAR Scholarships to dancers like me.  It means so much to me and my family and will make our lives much easier as it takes a huge weight off of my parents’ shoulders.  Entering High School next year, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do both studio and dance team, but this scholarship has allowed me to do both!”

Dellos’ NEW SUMMER SCHEDULE begins on Monday, July 8th.  You can find our class schedule on our website at or call the studio directly for class options.  We look forward to giving you a tour and meeting your young dancer this summer!  909-597-9370 (Dellos-Chino), 909-594-0228 (Dellos-Walnut)

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