The Rewards Received Through Teaching Dance as Shared By Young Student-Teachers In-Training at Dellos Studios

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There are dance studios that are known to specialize in just a few dance genres and there are dance companies who form what they consider ‘all-star teams’, comprised  by recruiting students from surrounding studios.  Dellos Studios are entering their 40th year in the dance school business, and as the fore-runners in dance education since 1973, they have had the opportunity to observe first-hand, the decline of ‘the neighborhood family dance studio’ as it was commonly known in the past.  For the past four decades, Dellos instructors have nurtured and followed their students’ dance journeys through high school and into college or in the direction of the professional dance industry.  It was common then for a child to study and master dance 10-15 years at the same studio establishment.  Many incredible Dellos instructors of today spent their elementary, junior high and high school years directly under the tutelage of studio owner, Bobbi Dellos, and have created rewarding careers teaching dance and changing children’s lives.

Aspiring, versatile Dellos-graduates who are at the top of their game in multiple dance genres are continuing to produce well-rounded, multi-versatile and confident young artists while carrying on The Dellos Legacy.  Known simply as a ‘Performing Arts’ academy, Dellos Studios offer training in all dance genres while expanding into ‘Specialty Programs’ that enhance a dancers’ overall skills. Dellos has become known as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for those seeking strong and diverse dance and arts training.

A large part of The Dellos Studios’ success is the fact that they continue to ‘home-grow’ many of their instructors.  Graduating high school brings the  possibility of being asked to join the Dellos Staff under the guidance and mentorship of experienced staff members. Each summer, a student-teaching course is offered to committed students whose hearts are tugged at teaching.  During the grueling 8-week academic-based and hands-on course, many will drop off, leaving only those with stick-to-it-ness, tenacity and drive to continue, the qualities that Dellos instructors are made of!

Maureen Tang, an 8-year student at Dellos-Chino and a member of The Chino Hills Varsity Dance Team shared her thoughts in her final essay; “As a teacher-in-training, I have learned that even in a difficult situation I must respond in a most professional manner as my actions represent not only the instructors’ but the studio’s reputation as well.  Being a student-teacher is a true privilege and I have learned that every child requires a different teaching method to get ideas across.  It is my sole responsibility to give corrections, be hands-on and positive while taking the initiative to keep the class going with a disciplined but positive approach. Having the opportunity to teach youngsters has allowed me to share what I love most while passing on a piece of myself to my students.  Being a good teacher takes a lot of preparation and commitment. I have become more ambitious, confident, prepared and educated because of it and I have found myself ‘a changed dancer’.  I realized at the completion of the course that I now have a greater responsibility to work even harder at my own craft to set perfect examples. I am no longer viewed as just ‘a student’, but now with the admiration of my students as a ‘student-teacher’, a most honored title!  Learning more about myself, my strengths and weaknesses, and the challenge of applying different teaching methods has been most valuable to me.  Seeing the smiles on my students’ faces makes me feel so grateful to have been given this opportunity to experience the challenge and joy my students have brought me…”

Hayley Dyer, a 7th grade Townsend Junior High Dance Team member shared,   “At Dellos, everyone cares about everyone and it’s like we’re one big family.  We cheer each other on, truly love each other and have made our best friends here.  We trust our teachers to train us properly and protect us from injury, and we are trained hard with each class held, just like it was a real, actual audition.  We have been taught professional behavior and our instructors are energetic, encouraging, involved and amazing!  They truly care for us and have made us  realize that dancing is a real privilege and that there is no other studio like ours.”

Dellos Studios new Fall schedule begins Tuesday, September 3rd, offering new classes for 2 1/2 years to adult as well as Specialty Programs; “Mommy ‘n Me”, an “Acro For Dancers & Cheerleaders”, and a “Fitness-Trio” course that includes, Zumba, Cardio-Barre Burn, Yoga & Pilates.  Call for more information and for a tour of our facility: (909) 597-9370.


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